Webinar Recording: Tips To Become An Effective Designer Of Your Marketing Strategy In VUCA World

Wednesday 4th October, 2017

Today, the question that is on every marketer’s mind is: How can we make a difference in such a rickety market environment? How can the organization survive and thrive?

In the webinar, industry expert Vidya Priya Rao, will share how using design thinking methodology you can design your VUCA marketing strategy (Startup, SME or Corporate companies).View Recording…

Webinar Recording: Decoding Service Design- For Improved Customer Satisfaction

Wednesday 23rd August, 2017

There’s a lot of talk by most businesses, about how much they value their customers. Those who are not paying lip service are exploring ways to enhancing customer experience (CX) by understand their customers agitations, frustrations and motivations. View Recording…

Webinar Recording : Decoding Employee Experience

Thursday 20th July, 2017

Today your employees are no longer looking for a career, but for an experience.

Taking cues from the marketing counterparts who strive to create the ultimate experience for the customers, “What if,” HR too changes track and starts focusing more on the overall employee experience? View Recording


Webinar Recording: Shaping Customer Journey In The Digital Era

Thursday, 8th June, 2017

In the digital era, your “empowered” customers call the shots. As marketers, it means, understanding the different human and digital channels available at your disposal to connect and engage with the customers. You realize that their journey does not end at the point of sale and your marketing efforts needs to continue to provide a positive experience to gain their attention. View Recording…

Webinar Recording: Apply Design Thinking To Create Ultimate Customer Experience

Tuesday, 25th April, 2017

In the digital age and experience economy, creating lasting customer experiences (CX) is not sending the voice of customer (VOC) surveys or setting up a loyalty program.  It starts with shifting your business focus from a product-centric to a customer-centric company. View Recording…