Guiding Principle

The guiding principle of Marketers Touchpoint is “To orient our services in line with your needs ensuring your on-going success. We always offer our best guidance to provide you with critical thinking to help you make informed and smart business decisions to win in today’s marketplace.”

Our SMART principles are:

S – Stand out in the Crowd – It starts with positioning your organization’s viewpoints/ thought leadership on issues that are critical to you and your prospects. We help you stimulate dialog, ignite healthy discussions and become a part of the debate.

M – Mutuality – To provide “Clients, Employees, Partners, Shareholders”  a fair return on your investment in the business.

A – Assured Flexibility – Part-time retainer, contract or project based. We structure the relationship to accommodate your unique needs and circumstances, ensuring a strong return on the investment in our work together.

R – Return on Investment – We focus on listening, learning and understanding the culture and priorities of your company. We design programs along with the underlying processes and tools, effective program management and best practices to execute and optimize results, with focus on time, transparency and cost. We account for them, measure them, and even predict them. We keep our overheads low and pass on the savings to you.

T – Trusted Partner – We commit to confidentiality by execution of “Non-disclosure Agreement” for every engagement.

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