Innovatus Marketers Touchpoint LLP is a firm specializing in Marketing and Sales Consulting and Services.

Our goal is to build a family of clients who expect high-quality performance from their sales and marketing functions and help our clients interact better with their customers, employees, and partners. We intend to attract professionals with enthusiasm, experience, expertise, exclusivity and ability to make this happen.

We ensure start-ups and SMB’s get access to best-in-class sales and marketing disciplines and processes previously only available to and affordable by large establishments.

In today’s world of converged media, your buyers have more opportunities to express their needs, concerns, and expectations. This forces you to constantly realign your strategies on brand building and customer engagements. The buyer experiences your brand in numerous ways in their journey towards need awareness, consideration, evaluation, purchase, post-purchase, and loyalty. Each of these interfaces/ touchpoints shapes or creates the buyer’s opinion of your brand. As a marketer, this is no easy achievement, as your brand interaction is connected with auditory, visual, tactile and emotional responses.

Marketers Touchpoint can help you:

  • Address issues and challenges you may face on a day-to-day basis while engaging with prospects across the different touchpoints in the buying process
  • Provide tangible strategic, tactical and operational solutions that drive Sales and Marketing results
  • Focus on increasing effectiveness, productivity, and integration across three main areas: Marketing, Sales and Sales Operations
  • Provide relevant tools and techniques that empower you to apply insights in the marketplace across every buyer touchpoint and over time to maximize business impact.

Our consulting team members, consisting of former senior-level executives in the functions of Sales and Marketing, also have industry specific knowledge and domain expertise and the know-how to address the issues and delivers results. We have not just led large teams and programs but know how it can be applied to the smaller businesses too. And we have taken that know-how and created a series of sales and marketing service offerings, from strategy to delivery – for telling your story across the appropriate channels, and help you increase conversion rates, drive revenue and maximize team productivity and performance.

Innovatus Marketers Touchpoint LLP is a customer experience, marketing, service design, design thinking and business innovation consulting firm, based in India. We offer go-to-market and digital strategy consulting and help our clients rethink and redesign customer and employee value in the digital era. We offer design thinking workshops and consulting, tailored to enable, accelarete or transform your business. We are laser-focused on the problem at hand and your opportunity space, and optimize process to make design thinking and service design principles accessible to your employees who’ve never done it before or stuck-up, and provide “just adequate” theory to help you get moving and achieve outcomes.

You may reach out to Vidya Priya Rao @ +918080015500 or email @ vidyapriya.rao@marketerstouchpoint.com

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