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I just got off the phone talking to a prospective client, who reached out to us for helping them with their Employee Branding initiative. One of the concerns cited by their Human Resources (HR) head was a high attrition and difficulty in recruiting fresh talent to meet the growing demands of the business. A recent
In my previous post, I had written about How Brands Can Deliver What They Promise. This post, Connecting the Dots – How Coaching Can Help Keep Promises Your Brand Makes – explores the difficulties, you face as a brand to keeping those promises and how coaching can come to your rescue. As an individual, you
Let’s try to understand why does your business or brand make a promise?  “As a business, when you make a promise, its assurance to your customers, stakeholders that something will be done. When you deliver what you agree to do, whether verbal or written, your customer knows what to expect, all the time. This helps
  With the influx of numerous apps, life has become much more convenient than it was before. Whether you want to book a flight, cab or movie tickets; it can be done with clicks on our mobile devices. Moreover, with these companies luring us consumers with discounts, coupons, and offers – Life could not get any