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  In my previous post I discussed how the different marketing channels fit into your push and pull marketing strategy. In this post I will be discussing how you can apply these marketing channels to the different stages of the buyer’s journey. As Craig Davis, Former Chief Creative Officer, J. Walter Thompson rightly said, as
  If you ask any marketer or sales person the question – Have your prospective buyers or existing customers changed?  The spontaneous response will be a BIG YES! Buyers today are in the driver’s seat, and more empowered with the gadgets and tools at their disposal. Moreover, they expect it to provide unique and personalized
Buyer Personas help – Marketing, Sales, Product, and Customer Service teams, to internalize the ideal customer you are trying to attract, convert and retain, by relating to them as real humans. However, the perfectly crafted blog post, eye-catching infographic, the short and sweet tweet, meticulously developed eBook, a striking call-to-action button, an exhaustive FAQ section