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A car cannot drive on its own and reach the destination until we check there is no flat tire, there is sufficient fuel, we wind up the keys, and drive prudently when there is a speed bump, apply brakes and so on. Similarly, for the customer to move from point A to point B in
  I have a question for all of the business leaders out there: Do you really believe in the digital era business strategy and customer experience strategy is one and the same? If the answer is YES, my next question is: Do you honestly have a finger on the pulse of the customer experience (CX)
“Innovation = Invention + Commercialization. That means that every well-designed product, service, and new business model still needs to be sold.”  Ken Morse Faced with nimbler start-ups and growing competition, every business in today’s market has an innovation crisis. Their future success in a digitally disruptive world depends on how well they handle change and
“The rate at which an organization learns may become the only sustainable source of competitive advantage.” — Peter Drucker ‘Employees are learning at the speed of business need’ is a major factor that powers up workplaces around the world today.  But in reality, many  CEO’s reports that their employees are not developing fast enough. So
In a flat world, which is agile, mobile and more connected than ever, employees realize that their network and ability to learn, unlearn and relearn provide today’s job security and not the employers. This calls for organizations to focus on their employee’s success, and provide them with the right environment, opportunities and level of engagement
Perhaps the oldest debate in life is — which came first, the chicken or the egg? Similarly, a vexing question long debated by savvy leaders is whether: it is my customer’s experience or my employee’s experience first? employee engagement leads directly to business successes, higher profits and customer loyalty or vice-versa? it is employee disengagement
The digital tsunami is invading all aspects of your business. If you were to assess your digital preparedness – you realize it’s not just about technology, competitor moves, processes, customer experience or employee experience. It’s chaotic as you recognize the need to redesign the stakeholder engagement across the entire organization. So, the question is: “How