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With the convergence of context, channels, content, and commerce; friction at different stages of the customer journey is considered the worst enemy of customer experience (CX). Regardless of the industry or area, your business operates in; this has resulted in an ongoing debate in experience economy on how to make great products and deliver exceptional
Businesses function to ensure “Customer Satisfaction”, but, my question is how good are “satisfied customers” to your business? If the answer is “they are satisfied and that’s a good news!” think again. I have been meeting business owners who believe satisfied customers are an asset for them. When I ask them what is their definition
As a new-age consumer we are all overwhelmed with the number of promotional offers and discounts to buy stuff, causes to support, events to attend, bombarded across multiple media. Most often these push marketing messages do not resonate with us consumers. Irritated, fatigued and bored – we do not stir, respond and become NUMB to
Referral Marketing has always been directly proportional to increase in sales of products and services of a brand/company as it whispers about its quality, trustworthiness, and caliber into distinct ears. Every company craves for referral business as it helps get genuine and qualified prospects and cuts the sales cycle to a shorter time frame. Yet,
In my previous post, I had written about How Brands Can Deliver What They Promise. This post, Connecting the Dots – How Coaching Can Help Keep Promises Your Brand Makes – explores the difficulties, you face as a brand to keeping those promises and how coaching can come to your rescue. As an individual, you
It all started with a call from my mother on Wednesday at about 5.00 pm; wanting me to contact our cable service provider as the service was disrupted. I had opted for this service provider, as it represented absolute values, ideas, and mindsets, and I tie this with an exceptional experience. But, the recent experience