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“The rate at which an organization learns may become the only sustainable source of competitive advantage.” — Peter Drucker ‘Employees are learning at the speed of business need’ is a major factor that powers up workplaces around the world today.  But in reality, many  CEO’s reports that their employees are not developing fast enough. So
In a flat world, which is agile, mobile and more connected than ever, employees realize that their network and ability to learn, unlearn and relearn provide today’s job security and not the employers. This calls for organizations to focus on their employee’s success, and provide them with the right environment, opportunities and level of engagement
  The basic expectation of every business from every employee or a partner is a task well executed, that demonstrates their contribution toward the organization’s goals. In recruiting, that means hiring the right talent at the right time in alignment with business needs,  while operating efficiently and sourcing effectively. As a recruiter, you probably prove
  HR needs to rethink how with technology, applications, and an endless flow of information and communication from diverse sources, they can help in attracting, developing and retaining talent. Human Resources function has been evolving since its inception. They started as personnel and were tasked with maintaining paper and files and ensure people got their