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  I share with you the regular verbal statements of a typical conversation at design thinking workshop – after each stage explore, converge, stretch, delight, and often, solutions happen. It begins with Occasionally… A day before the final session (a self-imposed deadline) On the final day of the design thinking workshop I hope you enjoyed it.
  We all spend an average of 3000 hours every year or approximately 90000 hours of our lives in the office. And I know this is – ‘Shocking.’ So as an employer, do you know whether your employees are engaged, and is the time well spent, resulting in a win-win? Ask yourself: Do they love
  Design thinking is a game changer for the corporate world. It is an iterative method for developing innovative products, services, and experiences. As the focus is the user, you get familiar with the customer and align your solution to meet their needs. The welcome side effect is a high performing interdisciplinary team and a
  These days, in the network economy there’s no dearth of uncertainty around you and your business. Changing customer and employee behavior, disruptive startups, fast changing technologies, cyber-attacks, natural disasters, globalization, creative commons and so on, and the pace of this change is accelerating. However, despite many crossroads along the journey, there exist abundant opportunities
“Innovation = Invention + Commercialization. That means that every well-designed product, service, and new business model still needs to be sold.”  Ken Morse Faced with nimbler start-ups and growing competition, every business in today’s market has an innovation crisis. Their future success in a digitally disruptive world depends on how well they handle change and
In a flat world, which is agile, mobile and more connected than ever, employees realize that their network and ability to learn, unlearn and relearn provide today’s job security and not the employers. This calls for organizations to focus on their employee’s success, and provide them with the right environment, opportunities and level of engagement
Perhaps the oldest debate in life is — which came first, the chicken or the egg? Similarly, a vexing question long debated by savvy leaders is whether: it is my customer’s experience or my employee’s experience first? employee engagement leads directly to business successes, higher profits and customer loyalty or vice-versa? it is employee disengagement