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Let’s say you have built an incredible product. You have managed to convince your beta customers that it’s the best solution in the market. And now you want your product to go viral and become a growth hacker and make billions. But here’s the catch. The existing players aka your competitors have a huge customer
  Understand who your competitors are. Ensure your offering and service is better than theirs to emerge a winner – is what you get taught in Marketing 101. This is all relevant and well-meaning advice. But often you get engrossed in analysing your competition that you miss a really important fact: “While, you can’t control
As a school and college student, playing chess was one of my favorite pastimes. With my obsession to use analogy or metaphors to explain my thoughts, I realized that a marketing strategist has a lot in common with the chess grandmaster. The Goal In a game of chess, there are two opponents and one winner
For a company’s product/service to be successfully reaching its intended audience, it passes multiple hurdles internally and externally. All hurdles must be passed without fault to get the optimal results from the effort invested. Jumping Over Hurdles Is Hard Work An athlete (hurdler) is aware that jumping over the hurdles is hard works. She/he knows