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Most innovations at the corporate level in the Indian companies is Jugaad and incremental, as it is about extending existing products, services or processes by adding new capabilities or features. Though there is nothing wrong with incremental innovation, it creates solutions that keep current customers engaged and generates short-term revenue.  It only lets the company
  The rise of new digital tools (like mobile, live chat, omnichannel support, self-service, social media) and a broad array of IoT devices (like activity monitors, beacons, smartwatches) and emerging technologies (like AI, AR, Machine Learning, VR, 3D printing and so on), has exponentially increased the number of customer touchpoints available to marketers. On the
  To create a winning design-led innovation culture and organization and to explore and exploit opportunities requires embedding design thinking at all levels in the organization. Innovatus Marketers Touchpoint LLP is a customer experience, marketing, service design, design thinking and business innovation consulting firm, based in India. We offer go-to-market and digital strategy consulting and
The skills, knowledge motivation of the employees are the keys to exceptional results in any organization. Hence the need to put learning & development at the heart of business strategy and design programs which optimize the training investment and maximizes learning “stickiness.” When it comes to delivering results from talent development and learning programs, the
  India has seen an increase in life expectancy and the rise of chronic illnesses. At the same time, current models of healthcare delivery are increasingly becoming unsustainable to manage this shift from volume (diagnose and treat) to value (prevent and manage) based care. With technology playing a lead role, there is a seismic shift
Does this look like your situation? The term “workshop” has negative associations with your employees – boring powerpoint presentations throughout the day, eyes fighting to stay open and heads wobbling as they catch themselves falling asleep, or miserable minutes of silence in the time allotted for Q&A. As a result the typical objections to planning
  I share with you the regular verbal statements of a typical conversation at design thinking workshop – after each stage explore, converge, stretch, delight, and often, solutions happen. It begins with Occasionally… A day before the final session (a self-imposed deadline) On the final day of the design thinking workshop I hope you enjoyed it.