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Let’s say you have built an incredible product. You have managed to convince your beta customers that it’s the best solution in the market. And now you want your product to go viral and become a growth hacker and make billions. But here’s the catch. The existing players aka your competitors have a huge customer
As a new-age consumer we are all overwhelmed with the number of promotional offers and discounts to buy stuff, causes to support, events to attend, bombarded across multiple media. Most often these push marketing messages do not resonate with us consumers. Irritated, fatigued and bored – we do not stir, respond and become NUMB to
  The question most of us keep asking is “what can be done to make our sales team more effective?” Some of the answers lie in aligning the sales and marketing teams in your organization. This article focuses on the need for having sales content; that articulates why your product/service is the best to help