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The digital tsunami is invading all aspects of your business. If you were to assess your digital preparedness – you realize it’s not just about technology, competitor moves, processes, customer experience or employee experience. It’s chaotic as you recognize the need to redesign the stakeholder engagement across the entire organization. So, the question is: “How
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A few months back, our retail client gave us a very broad brief – “design the approach and vision for our digital presence to our customers in India” – and with seven weeks to get there; kickstarting the activity was a bit overwhelming. With this brief in hand, we were mostly excited and a little
  Solve this Design Thinking Sudoku and Win Exciting Prizes Hint: Spot these 24 words in the Sudoku Ambiguous, design thinking, empathy, service, touchpoints, customer, engage, employee, common ground, culture, agree, priority, iterate, story, tangible, learn, democratic, decision making, mindset, idea, problem, solution, goals, tool Right click to download the Sudoku image. Take a print,
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Here are 10 things you can do to make the meeting more effective.   Want to become a designer of game-changing meetings? For a very long time, meetings have been a necessary evil to achieve our work. Design thinking mindset, lets you conduct meetings and advance the conversation from a human experience perspective. It allows you
  The basic expectation of every business from every employee or a partner is a task well executed, that demonstrates their contribution toward the organization’s goals. In recruiting, that means hiring the right talent at the right time in alignment with business needs,  while operating efficiently and sourcing effectively. As a recruiter, you probably prove