Affiliate Marketing Services

Better exposure, better opportunities, better sales with Affiliate Marketing Services

An effective affiliate program is an excellent way to drive prospective customers to your site while paying only for results. Affiliate marketing programs are performance-based advertising plans in which commissions are paid for referrals that lead to either sales of products and services or lead generation and form completion.

This can help your company to get new customers quickly, keep a tight control on their cost per acquisition, help build your brand at lower costs and offset the rise in other advertising avenues. However to have a successful “Affiliate Marketing” program, it is important to structure the campaigns in such a manner that it is both competitive to the related programs and appealing to the affiliates.

We at Marketers Touchpoint help you develop a comprehensive out-sourced affiliate marketing program that aims at providing an impetus to your company’s growth through effective execution of the strategy. We define your affiliate marketing goals and help in:

  • Affiliate recruitment – Identifying the right affiliates and publishers
  • Affiliate communication
  • Affiliate training programs
  • Affiliate solicitation
  • Affiliate commission structure planning
  • Affiliate incentive and rewards framework
  • Measuring effectiveness – ROI of the affiliate marketing campaigns

Our affiliate program will help you with:

  • Defining your affiliate marketing goals
  • In-depth competitive analysis and strategy
  • Develop effective lead generation campaigns
  • Integrate with on-going promotions and campaigns
  • Launch new programs and monitor its performance
  • Enable customer acquisition management and help integrate into campaign management
  • Measure, the success of the affiliate marketing, campaigns to ensure high ROI

Marketers Touchpoint will manage the software integration between your website and your affiliate networks.

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