Analyst Relations

Your company needs to be on the radar of industry analysts firms, because of their influence on your customers, investors and partners.

To be in the race and stay ahead, every organization keeps track of the market trends, competitor movements, buyer preferences and the changing technology trends.

To make informed business decisions, your buyers seek analyst input into their purchase decisions and vendor evaluations. Your potential investors call on analysts to assist with due diligence or market validation, as analysts offer independent, credible validation of a market or technology.

You believe you have the best product/ service and have all the answers, but it’s important to know how the market perceives it. Investing in analyst relations can help you with some of the answers.

At Marketers Touchpoint, we will closely work with your leadership team to improve your brand messaging with regular analyst briefings. The analyst will be evaluating your presentation from the perspective of apotential customer. The objective isn’t for the analyst to learn, it’s for you to learn what the analyst thinks. By taking notes throughout the meeting as the analyst critiques your presentation, you will receive feedback how your pitch could be improved so that the message gets through to potential buyers.

We liaison as your AR manager and help in:

  • shaping the marketing programs budget to benefit Analyst Relations (AR)
  • providing analysts with access to the most knowledgeable subject matter experts for various disciplines in your organization and face time with leadership team.

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