Employee Communications and Advocacy Programs

Your employees are your brand ambassadors, empower them, with better Employee Communications and Advocacy Programs

The dynamics of the workforce are changing with respect to employee and employer expectations. Like any other organization, you too have a challenge in attracting, developing and retaining the right talents.
Your employees play a crucial role in your success with their contributions in the workplace. They are incredibly knowledgeable about your products and services, and they are naturally motivated to support the company they work for. You need to recognize the fact that they have ability to serve as your brand advocates/ambassadors and cheerleaders. This creates huge opportunities for your brand.
As employers, you spend an enormous amount to offer benefits to employees and at times a surprisingly small amount to ensure that they understand and appreciate the gesture. You cannot rely on instinct alone, to communicate organizational goals.
Engaged employees create a thriving business, and to engage your people, you must communicate on an on-going basis with them. “What you say, how you say it, when you say it, who you say it to” – can make a world of difference in how your employees feel and think about their benefits, workplace, and employers. This will set their tone and what they say about your organization to friends, family, customers and partners.
As people absorb information differently, and key messages are more effective when reiterated in multiple ways across a variety of media. Effective employee communication enables your organization to survive, build trust and understanding, thrive and stay ahead of the curve.
As employees, they need to value the benefits that you provide them. Effective communication is something businesses need to do and do it effectively by tying it to specific goals.

We at Marketers Touchpoint help you with developing an all-round strategy for employee communications and do it effectively by tying it to specific objectives. It includes:

  • establishing employee communications goal
  • launching the baseline for measurements
  • identifying and evaluating various interactive media and channels of communication
  • create employee advocate programs and empowering your employees to participate in conversations on social channels
  • incorporating feedback
  • measuring the ROI of internal communication
  • communicating good and bad news

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