Customer Engagement Programs

Getting ready to invest in customer relationships?

After weeks and months of follow-up, you have finally won a new customer. By keeping them in the loop, you can get valuable feedback about your solutions and confirm the ROI realized by them. Soon they become your strongest advocates. Marketers Touchpoint can help you build and improve your customer engagement optimization programs to ensure regular and sustained communication and collaboration.

Customer Referral Program

We can establish / review your existing customer reference programs to help you turn customer satisfaction into usable content. The reference database will make it easier for to match potential buyer with relevant reference customer.

Voice of Customers

Conducting regular health checks of customers is crucial in the today’s competitive business environment. By conducting regular customer surveys, we can help you understand their needs and wants, relative importance of features and benefits associated with your product; expectations and promises that are both fulfilled and unfulfilled by your product or service. We will also help you ask your customers the real questions that are impacting his business. By knowing what frustrates your customers, prevents upselling and creates negative word of mouth, you can make necessary process improvements and relevant investments. We can also integrate the Voice of the Employee surveys to provide you an informed frontline view of your customer experiences.

Customer Events/Summits

Events help you bring together your current customers and potential customers. We help you reach out to prospects and customers to promote your product or service and success stories by organizing virtual events like conference calls and webinars, identifying relevant tradeshows or organizing in-house customer focused events.

Customer Newsletter

Your customers need to know that you are active as well as reliable and coming up with new solutions to meet their evolving needs. You could achieve it by sending out e-newsletters at regular intervals. Depending on how much information you have to share, we can set the frequency, create the newsletter, distribute it to the stakeholders and track and measure the marketing effort. It can be used as a subtle tool to increases lead generation and up/cross-selling.

Engaging with customers in the real sense and understanding their feelings, requirements and attitudes can make or break a business. Through our Customer Engagement Optimization programs, organizations such as yours, can reap benefits through increased customer loyalty, improved performance and revenue, and reduced risk and operating costs.

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