Email Marketing

Delivering right messages via your email campaigns

Whether you’re using CRM to send emails or an email solution provider (ESP) such as Juvlon, MailChimp, or just beginning to explore options for email marketing; you will see that virtually every email solution offers the same basic functions, i.e. the ability to create, manage, and send emails, as well as measure the effectiveness of campaigns in terms of standard success metrics including open and click-through rates.

We at Marketers Touchpoint, understand that in email marketing you need to do more than just “send out emails”- you need to engage the prospects and customers in a continuous, relevant dialogue. This would mean thinking beyond the effects of discrete email campaigns and instead thinking of each email interaction as one single component of a larger conversation in which both you as a marketer and your prospect interact back and forth in meaningful ways. Our Email marketing programs aim at the following activities:

  • Defining your readers
  • Formulating your purpose
  • Outlining your goals
  • Determining the frequency
  • Creating a timeline

We will observe how prospects behave on your website after receiving your emails and respond in a way that makes sense. We help create triggered and multi-step email campaigns that automatically cultivate relationships with your prospects while enabling you to spend more time strategizing your next campaigns.

Our deliverables include:

  • Content strategy and email calendar
  • Create tailored and customer-focused email content using responsive design
  • Lead generation and conversion rate optimization through effective landing pages
  • A/B tests to find out which email layout or which offers and promotions generate the highest conversions and build on what works
  • Drip campaigns
  • Regularly scrub your contact lists to remove inactive addresses
  • Targeted remarketing

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