Channel Partner Management and Development

Grow Right. Grow Well. Grow Quickly and Sustainably with a Channel Partner Management and Development Strategy

Developing your sales force takes time, effort, and money. Channel partnerships can help you hit the ground running from day one, besides enabling you to increase your market penetration and reach. Channel partners at times, also have a better pulse of the market and competitors.

Channel partnerships can be a low-risk, low-cost and high-return engagement that can help increase your top-line and gain market share quickly in a highly competitive marketplace. It may also help you tap the ready customer base of the partners or provide access to new clients and references that bring in business.Whether your choices include:

  • Direct sales
  • Internet-based sales
  • Wholesale or industrial distributors
  • Consulting Partners
  • Brokers
  • Dealers
  • VARs
  • Retailers

From defining the channel partnership strategy to identifying and grading the partners and developing a coherent plan to reach out to them. Marketers Touchpoint can help you create a high-impact strategy that meets the necessary and sufficient criteria and creates competitive advantage in the marketplace.

In addition, we provide valuable insights into channel management framework, designed to help you build sustained business relationships with your channel partners. Even if you have a limited share of revenue with your channel, we can show you how to get an increased share of mind from them. Additionally, we can also help you understand, how to deal with slotting allowances, promotional fees, failure fees and the likes, which are pervasive in many industries and channels.

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