Sales Enablement

Are your company sales spending more time in office than hunting for business? Are they being tasked with sales operations functions which are contaminating their sales job and turning them into non-performers?

In today’s buying cycle, using the internet your buyers, gain knowledge about their pain-points, explore options and assess possible solutions and vendors. And more and more of this is being done without “sales” interactions. By the time, they get to a sales conversation, they probably know as much or more about your products/services as your sales representatives.

However, at the final stages of buying, your sales people need to be able to generate useful conversations with buyers, and seamlessly connect from where the buyer transitioned off the marketing content. Sales need materials that help them provide validation that what marketing has told them is true. It is realistic to assume that your buyers are constantly evaluating your company through each interaction – assessing viability, and working relationships and partner value add, and deciding how much they trust you.

Sales content is not equal to marketing content. If marketing is providing sales with the content, they’re using to generate attention and educate buyers, no wonder it doesn’t get used by sales. As a result, your sales people end up spending more time in the office, interacting with different teams to collate the necessary insights and less time understand the buyer and building a relationship with them.

Marketers Touchpoint helps you with your sales enablement program. In addition to creation buyer persona’s that helps in understanding buyer’s activity, demographic and psychographic profile, we assist in creating sales conversation toolkits or sales briefs. It may include:

  • value propositions focused on your buyer’s goals
  • conversational outlines for problem/solution scenarios and objection-handling guides
  • conversational scripts for features/benefits and FAQs
  • conduct competitive comparisons
  • sales presentations and demo scripts
  • sales playbooks
  • develop ROI & TCO tools (return-on-investment & total-cost-of-ownership)
  • draft proposal content, etc.

Our custom training workshops help your sales force understand and use modern day tools and techniques like marketing automation, content marketing, and social media to drive the sales conversation forward.

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