Sales Operation

Are your company sales spending more time in office than with potential customers? Are they being tasked with sales operations functions which are turning them into non-performers?

Companies often face a challenge where they feel their sales teams are spending more time doing their paperwork than with customers. They might be bogged down with office activities that might be hindering their core job function.

As your sales organizations get more sophisticated it can no longer handle a range of non-selling and sales support activities. Sales operations team have to take over and enableyour sales teamsto generate profitable growth by supporting the sales strategy. Ifwell-designed, it helps sales to maximize their time with customer, rather than being shackled with administrative responsibilities.

There might also situations wherein yoursales work in isolation within the organization. Here, the sales operations function helps in establishingthe integrationrequired with senior management, sales, marketing, human resources, IT and finance and provides the necessary support structure.

We at Marketers Touchpoint follow these essentials for developing a successful sales operations strategy and help in implementing the same:

  • Set sales operations mission and objective
  • Defining support structure framework and defining roles & responsibilities
  • Conduct pipeline analysis (reports, trends, forecasts, target setting, win/loss & pipeline management)
  • Provide partner support (for technology, marketing or channel partners)
  • Recommend sales activities (up-selling, installed base sales, support contract renewals, accessories)
  • Review and assess proposal & order services (pricing, discounting, proposal prep, order review)
  • Evaluate sales compensation models & incentives (comp plan administration, sales contests)
  • Develop and document sales process & methodology (repeatable approach and steps to successful selling)
  • Tune sales and account management methodologies
  • Drive lead qualification, nurturing and prospect development processes

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