Sales Planning

Has a sales plan been developed as yet? Are the right people, systems and processes integrated to achieve your business goals?Are you able to sustain the sales momentum?

As a small or mid-sized company, you need to ensure peak performance to stay competitive. Your systems, the hunting and farming sales models, processes and platforms might not have evolved as expected with your business growth.

In today’s world, you need to be both customers centric and market-centric. When you need to push your sales performance, these are some of the critical questions business leaders need to consider. However, with other priorities holding fort, these areas often get relegated to the backend.

The effectiveness of sales performance starts with a well thought out sales plan followed by substantial development and focused execution strategy.

With our Sales Planning services, Marketers Touchpoint can provide you with solutions to help you ramp up your sales performance with a sales plan, by:

  • Aligning sales and marketing objectives
  • Analyse market feasibility before setting sales targets
  • Selecting the right target markets/ territories/ industries
  • Hunting and farming strategies
  • Identify critical sales activities along the buying cycle
  • Cross/Up Sell, Annuity Business strategy
  • Assessing the current sales effectiveness and providing gap analysis for improvements
  • Understand and speak customer’s language
  • Sales strategy customer needs
  • Sales metrics
  • Strategic Account Management
  • Sales forecast and pipeline management

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