Content Audit

Content is the king. Examine whether your content is supporting your company’s sales process.

In today’s digital marketplace, the potential buyers of your products or services; research, consult and educate themselves before approaching you. To help you “stand out and build trust” on-line; your credibility, expertise and thought leadership has to reflect in the published marketing content. Also, in the final stages of the buying cycle, through interactions with sales person, the buyer assesses your company – evaluates viability, and working relationships. They assess the value add you do as their partner and deciding how much they trust you, and the sales content has to optimize to enable sales to win the deal. As a result, relevant and engaging content is key, as it impacts lead generation, lead nurturing and lead scoring, as it fuels:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Email marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Paid media including Pay per click, Display Advertising
  • Lead generation and conversion rate optimization through landing pages
  • Print media (magazines, press release etc)
  • Sales conversation kits

The content audit is a detailed analysis and evaluation of your firm’s current sales and marketing content and assessing whether it’s relevant, actionable, targetable, trackable, and reuseable. We do so by:

  • Inventory checks of your content and how it stands up against your company’s ‘brand guidelines, style guides, and voice and tone.’
  • Map content to the buyer’s interest in the buying journey
  • Identify content gaps
  • Find outdated content
  • Find reuseable content
  • Review how your content is placed vis-à-vis competition
  • Check if your content is optimized and in sync with modern SEO best practices
  • Evaluate how readers engage with your current content on the blog and social media


It depends upon the content volume to be evaluated, and typically requires 3 – 8 weeks for completion.

Content Audit Deliverables

  • Overall content performance assessment
  • Areas for content improvement, focus, and development
  • Frequency of contact and content updates to maintain the momentum
  • Recommended content creation calendar and costs
  • A half day presentation of findings and brainstorming with the leadership team

After we deliver your report, you can choose to have Innovatus Marketers Touchpoint help with content development and personalization, or you can use your resources.

Keep the Content Audit Alive

As buyer personas, content marketing tools and SEO techniques are constantly evolving, you have to audit your content at regular intervals to sustain the momentum.

Marketers Touchpoint lays the process for your content audits and inventorying. We will regularly add the new pieces of content created to your audit spreadsheets, identify how it’s performing, possible course corrections and make reporting and analytics a regular part of your content development strategy.

Do call us at +91-8080015500 or Contact Us. We’re here to help.

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