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Enabling Complex Problem Solving And Business Innovation Through Design Thinking


Design Thinking is an outcome-driven problem-solving approach that emphasizes creative thought and human-centered thinking with the intent of developing the best possible solution and beneficial outcomes. Using the proven methodology, we ensure you step out of your comfort zone and find non-obvious solutions to trying problems.


At Marketers Touchpoint, our approach to design thinking starts and ends with putting ourselves in your shoes, so we exactly realize what you are going through. A partial list of a wide range of challenges we can help you solve using design thinking include:

  • reframing the leadership mindset to reimagine the future;
  • coping with digital transformation;
  • redesigning the customer and employee experience
  • human-centered innovation around products, services, and experiences;
  • improving the quality of life;
  • issues related to corporate culture;
  • reshaping business models;
  • merger & acquisition (M&A) situation involving multiple systems, products, services; multidisciplinary teams, different cultures, different leadership style
  • problems that big data cannot solve

and so on.


Design Thinking Workshops and Training

Design Thinking Workshops and TrainingWe craft exciting workshops and training program so that you can learn the design thinking process in meaningful, powerful and robust ways. Our offerings are tailored to suit your organizational needs.



Design Mindset Matters Workshop

Design Mindset Matters WorkshopMost people believe that learning the design thinking process is enough. However, design thinking isn’t about following a series of steps; it is beyond that. In this workshop, you understand what it means to put yourself in your customer’s shoes and having a bias towards action, how to question assumptions and challenge dated processes in practice, how to reframe problems into opportunities, how to build on others ideas, how to collaborate meaningfully, and how to embrace failure as a learning opportunity. You will discover team dynamics and design-led leadership in hands-on, experiential ways.

Design Thinking Consulting and Implementation

Design Thinking Consulting and ImplementationSometimes the hardest part, after attending a design thinking training session is how to bring it back to your workplace. We offer on-site expertise and work side-by-side with you to apply the design thinking process to get results for complex, messy problems. We assist in kick-starting the innovation projects, clarifying scope, reframing the problem, team, timing, and tool sets. We facilitate diverse teams and help break the department silos enabling the organization to explore new business opportunities.

Whether you are a start-up or an SMEs or large enterprises, we have the experience to support sustainable implementation of Design Thinking within the organizational contexts.

Design Thinking ROI and ROE Evaluation

Design Thinking ROI and ROE EvaluationFor an outcome based gain-sharer pricing and valuable assessment, we develop appropriate key performance indicators or pre-defined set of results together with our clients a priori/before the project starts. You have to agree and give the buy-in and budget to implement the necessary changes and ensure that all the participants in the transformation program are fully aligned to get the desired impact. Here we follow the fundamental principle of continuous improvement based on corrective actions taken along the way in the journey to achieve the outcome they want. We provide real-time feedback to the change management initiative. You will notice an emphasis not just on costs, but the clear articulation of anticipated outcomes, therefore delivering greater value to your business.


We design for enterprise wide innovation

design thinking for enterprise wide innovationWe have decoded and lifted design’s problem-solving toolkit to work on the wicked problems that businesses face today. Marketers Touchpoint’s deep conversations to understand the business need helps bring the appropriate design tools and techniques, giving a fresh perspective to reframe the problem and co-design the solution, taking it from an innovative method to a rigorous discipline that is sharpened in boardrooms and is suited for corporate strategy and culture. In this approach, your people are at the epicenter of value creation and helps prepare the organization to thrive in an uncertain future.

We co-create and co-design with client team and not for them

co-createWe are dedicated to a philosophy of co-create, which means both that we involve the cross-functional stakeholders in the organization to design the change, and put to use a well-developed toolkit that supports group thinking, buy-in, and creativity. Co-create encompasses a process of “doing with” rather than “doing to.” Rather than creating new content and programs in a back room with minimal user input, we involve relevant stakeholders as partners in the process and work together to deliver the desired outcomes.

We unleash people’s smarts, passion, and energy

We unleash people’s smarts, passion, and energyWe help leaders set up an environment and build the skills that channel design is thinking across all levels of the organization to come with breakthrough thinking to improve (or create new) products, services, processes, that is aligned with your business goals. We do not treat it as a one-off change program; we help build a cultural foundation that transforms people into engaged change agents and make this a way of life in the organization.

We turn strategy from power point into conversations and action

We turn strategy from power point into conversations and actionWe transform “strategy as data analytics” to “strategy as design,” using the design thinking framework. It helps leadership team reframe the future strategy as a convincing story based on a strong line of reasoning. They can then influence people to act together for the benefit of a shared purpose, and invite employees and partners to become story writers, story tellers and story doers within the company’s story.

We help cut through the clutter and make sense

We help cut through the clutter and make senseWe bring empathy, visualization and a feedback mechanism to help people navigate through the overflowing data, a huge variety of information to achieve clarity and focus. We use bysiness model canvas, empathy maps, storytelling, journey maps, service blueprints, prioritizing matrix, what if analysis and other artefacts to accelerate thinking and create smart, handy representations of business and strategy changes.

Innovatus Marketers Touchpoint LLP is a customer experiencemarketingservice designdesign thinking and business innovation consulting firm, based in India. We offer go-to-market and digital strategy consulting and help our clients rethink and redesign customer and employee value in the digital era. We offer design thinking workshops and consulting, tailored to enable, accelerate or transform your business. We are laser-focused on the problem at hand and your opportunity space, and optimize the process to make design thinking and service design principles accessible to your employees who’ve never done it before or stuck-up, and provide “just adequate” theory to help you get moving and achieve outcomes.

You may reach out to Vidya Priya Rao @ +918080015500 or email @

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