Digital Marketing Audit

Keeping pace with the latest changes and subtleties of digital media marketing can be a full-time job.

If your digital media tactics aren’t producing results or you don’t know how to get started on your digital journey, the Digital Marketing Audit or Digital Marketing Assessment will give you the insight and foundation you need.

What we do

The audit is a detailed analysis and evaluation of your firm’s current digital presence, culminating in specific recommendations to improve your digital marketing ROI.

  • Understand your organization
  • Analysis of your firm’s website, regional websites (if any)
  • Analysis of the profiles of your buyers and their needs in the buying cycle
  • Analysis of your employees and your partners and clients and prospects on different social media channels
  • Analysis of the campaign (SEO, SEM, Email marketing and Social media marketing) activities – past & present. Evaluate any tie-in with campaigns and other offline activity?
  • Analysis of existing content for consistency of messaging, the formats its currently available
  • Analysis of how mobility apps could help increase tracking with partners, clients, prospects
  • Analysis of internal communication and information sharing – an idea of how adept the various regional teams are at collaboration and communication between themselves. Are there regular global meetings or online/telephone conferences? If so, how often do these happen? What is the format? Do they discuss digital? How involved are they in the development of each other’s digital plans?
  • Review of partners, marketing, and business development team’s skill sets with reference to social media marketing
  • Review best practices are reflecting your industry, your competitors, your clients and your prospective clients.


  • Interviews with senior management, sales and pre-sales team to understand your firm’s capabilities, products, services, business development process, partner connect programs, customer service; plans
  • Get an insight as to what you aim to achieve from digital marketing
  • Insight from the marketing team to identify inefficiencies, misperceptions, underlying conflicts, and gaps in communication


  • Depending upon the number of employees, partner, and client interviews, typically requires 3-8 weeks for completion.


  • Detailed Digital Marketing Audit Report addressing recommended strategies, specific tactics, roles and responsibilities, content strategy and development, relevant channels for content promotion, optimal posting frequency for prospect/customer engagement, controls, and metrics.
  • Best practice for engaging your brand ambassadors in your digital marketing initiative
  • A half day presentation of findings and brainstorming with the leadership team
  • Strategies to integrate social media into existing marketing and business development efforts.


A custom-designed two-day Digital Marketing training program. It includes a discussion of the Digital Marketing Audit findings, Best Practices, and Recommendations. We also discuss strategies to integrate best practices into your overall marketing efforts.

After we deliver your report, you can choose to have Marketers Touchpoint help your digital marketing strategies, or you can use your resources.

Keep the Digital Marketing Audit Alive

As buyer personas, social media platforms and SEO techniques are constantly evolving, you have to audit your digital marketing strategy at regular intervals to sustain the momentum.

At Marketers Touchpoint, we are here to help you with your Digital Marketing Strategy. Do call us at +91-8080015500 or Contact Us. We’re here to help.

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