New Product or Service Development

Are your gearing up to address the markets of the future?

Does this question bother you – How can you gain deeper insights into emerging consumer and customer needs, and then integrate these insights into the product/service innovation process? To stay ahead in the race, you recognize the need for introducing a new product(s) or service(s).

Some of the challenges you may face in this journey, includes:

  • Identifying promising opportunity areas based on emerging consumer and customer needs;
  • Moving beyond massive amounts of customer data to gain meaningful insights;
  • Translating insights into business concepts;
  • Prioritizing and selecting the most promising opportunities;
  • Building the business case to defend the idea and get budget approval;
  • Suggestions for creating the organizational alignment required for successful execution.

Marketers Touchpoint can help your businesses stay relevant and scale with the following services:

  • Focused market research to understand the emerging needs of your prospective customers; target markets, impact of technologies change, new alternative offerings from competitors, new disruptive business models on your potential customers
  • Assess your business and ascertain if it has the capacity and capability to launch a new product or service?
  • Product/service ideation and the expected lifecycle of your product or service
  • Conduct a VoC program to validate your idea and get their inputs
  • Preparation of the business case
  • Evaluate possible business model for this new product/service
  • Calculate the total cost to the company and the expected return on investment.
  • Product management
  • Protect your idea
  • Product/service launch or product marketing

Marketer Touchpoint helps you to manage growth and change at the same time you are managing your on-going business operations.

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