B2B Buying Cycle Workshop

Are your business development efforts achieving the win ratio you want or is your firm a proposal making machine?

The profile of today’s buyer has changed and continued to evolve. They are comfortable using internet and social media to guide themselves through their buying process. This knowledgeable buyer not only expects you to add an enormous value, but they look forward to you accommodate a more complex buying environment. You realize your sales professionals need new processes, methods, skills and tools to compete in the B2B world of Buyer 2.0.

We recognize the fact that business development team can spend a disproportionate amount of time on prospects that just aren’t ready to buy. Understanding the customer’s intent to buy, allow you to allocate time, effort and resources accordingly.

Workshop Details

Our B2B Sales Cycle Workshop takes your team through the six-stage buying cycle process. We explore the decision-making process, clarify objectives at each stage, and overlay the marketing tools and sale conversations to employ for optimal impact.

The one/two-day workshop facilitates:

  • Understanding the evolved buyer
  • Understand each stage of their buying cycle and how to align in with the internal sales cycle
  • Quickly and easily recognize the stage of a prospect
  • Resist closing too soon
  • Apply the appropriate marketing and sales tools at the appropriate time
  • Integrate successful techniques to move prospects through the process

This participative workshop focuses on what to do and the tools to use to ensure the success of your organization. Through exercises designed to simulate real-life scenarios, you will try out positioning, messaging and techniques to close more deals – faster.


Post this workshop, attendees can:

  • Launch the systems, activities and expectations necessary to support the process within your organization
  • Develop and execute a 90-day plan to help your organization switch to using the process as quickly and effectively as possible.


Sales and Business Development, Presales and Marketing Sales Support professional

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