Webinar Recording: Shaping Customer Journey In The Digital Era

In the digital era, your “empowered” customers call the shots. As marketers, it means, understanding the different human and digital channels available at your disposal to connect and engage with the customers. You realize that their journey does not end at the point of sale and your marketing efforts needs to continue to provide a positive experience to gain their attention.

As brands, you also realize that you no longer can be reactive and you need to empower employees across the different departments involved in handling various aspects of customer relationship to understand the needs of the customers better.

The only way to wrest back control, as your customers move along the “decision journey” from awareness to purchase, is to anticipate their moves along the journey and position yourself to provide the relevant experience that helps build trust and confidence that you are the right partner.

The Webinar Covers:

  • The relevance of mapping customer journeys for competitive advantage in the digital era
  • How to get started to develop your own journey
  • What is and (What IS NOT) a customer journey
  • The next steps once the mapping exercise is complete!

Service Experience Is A Journey, Not A Project. We can help you make a difference! Partner with us in building the capabilities to consistently delight customers.

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