Customer Journey Mapping Workshop

Every customer is on a journey, and each interaction either bring them closer or makes them distance themselves from your brand.The tools you use to create your visual map isn’t as important as how you create the map and drive actions based on the insights it provides.

Whether you are just getting started with customer journey mapping as a part of the digital transformation initiative or looking for a methodology refresh, or hear best practices and examples, our interactive workshop will help you develop the relevant skills and know-how you need to lead customer journey mapping sessions within your organization.

The first step to providing ultimate customer experience is to understand your customer’s journey and identify ways to improve key business results such as product/service adoption, and loyalty.

Join our session to learn from the hands-on exercises and discussions, get the methodology and  template, and inputs to create business case for customer journey mapping in your organization

In this workshop, we will explore:

  • What is customer journey mapping? Types of mapping and its relevance for today’s organizations
  • Steps in customer experience journey mapping (buyer personas, empathy maps, touchpoint mapping and analysis and so on)
  • How you can use journey maps to develop a plan and achieve desired business benefits
  • How to improve customer experiences based on the moments of truth identified How to identify, prioritize, and communicate customer experience improvement initiatives
  • What it takes to facilitate a successful journey mapping workshop in your organization
  • How to manage and update journey maps
  • Importance of a service design thinking mindset to provide the ultimate customer experience


  • Developing a draft journey map and hassle map
  • Creating an omnichannel or B2B journey map
  • Build maps that can support adaptive content
  • Extracting content requirements from a journey map

Learning outcomes

  • An understanding of different types of journey maps and how to use them to:
    • Develop insights to understand your buyer personas and their expectations along the buying journey
    • Identify moments of truths which make or break the customer experience, and prioritize ones that need immediate attention
    • Drive organizational and cultural change
    • Visualize and innovate future customer experiences
  • Clarity to improve content planning, modeling, and targeting along the journey
  • Tools to kickstart journey mapping efforts within your organization and an action plan of initiatives for your team to work on

This workshop is perfect for

  • Brand, marketing, and product managers
  • Business process professionals
  • Customer experience professionals
  • Content marketers interested in producing value-added content
  • Any professional interested in designing and managing the customer experience for going multi/omnichannel.


Pricing for the session depends on the duration of the workshop. Contact us to know more about the workshop content and format for a 1, 2 or 3-day workshop.

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