2 Day Design Thinking Workshop for Business Innovation

Use design thinking as both a methodology and a mind-set for unlocking your creative and innovative potential to create new value and grow your sales & profit by design and not by chance.

Andheri East, Mumbai (To be announced)21st & 22nd April  20199.30 AM To 5.30 PM

Why design thinking?

Changing customer behaviour, advancements in technology and global hyper competition have sparked an unprecedented demand for creativity and innovation. But most companies and employees have yet to develop the skills to build new solutions that are based on user needs and user experience.

Design Thinking has proven to be superior in helping teams and leaders around the world to create new products, services, and business models that customers care about.

Why use a design thinking workshop?

The workshop leverages customer-centric, “outside-in” techniques to generate applications that drive employee productivity, improve operational performance, and increase customer engagement and satisfaction.

  • Create a path to innovation
  • Unveil new possibilities
  • Solve complex problems
  • Establish a competitive advantage
  • Foster whole-brain thinking, cross-team collaboration, and vision alignment
  • Combine creative thinking with analytical decision-making
  • Co-create highly user-centric, engaging applications that deliver higher business impact.

Who should attend?

Its well suited for any leader or professional interested in exploring new ways of thinking that emphasize creativity, problem-solving, customer needs, user experience, co-creation by becoming a Design Thinker!

What will you take away?

  • New understanding of how to capture and translate data into actionable insights that help you build solutions that connect deeply with customer needs.
  • New confidence to be comfortable to apply yourself creatively and lead creative processes at work.
  • New abilities to solve wicked problems and reduce risk by rapidly creating testing and implementing wicked solutions that create value for your customers and stakeholders.

Workshop Structure

We have designed a ‘’Learning by Doing’ experience in a  2 day classroom  setting followed by one 1 hour online Personal Coaching session to clarify any doubts.  The activities of the classroom training is a balanced mix of theory and practice.

Agenda for two day workshop

Session 1: Introduction to Design Thinking

  • Design Thinking and customer-centricity and employee experience
  • Design Thinking as a methodology to drive business innovation
  • Design Thinking to nurture an innovative organisational culture

Session 2: Setting The Stage

  • Get acquainted with the company, its goals and issues.
  • Understand the persona of its target customers, and building empathy maps by putting yourselves in the customers’ shoes.

Session 3: Problem Redefinition—Lets Re-Think Together 

  • Relook the wicked problems, bring in an outside-in perspective to redesign customer experience along the different touchpoints
  • Identify the different moments of truth on which a brand should focus its scarce resources of money, people, and time rather than what the brand thinks or assumes the clients care about.

Session 4: Lets Solve Together

  • Using ideation and storytelling techniques to arrive at solutions
  • Rapid prototyping and feedback from users

Session 5: 

  • Group presentations
  • Take time for group sharing and also for individual reflection on how the learning’s apply to others problems you are facing in the organization.
  • Wrap-up

Learning outcomes

This workshop is a blend of interactive multi-lectures, group work, individual practice that will enable you to:

  • Have a new collaborative skillset/approach to solving business problems
  • Incorporate and synergise user, business and technology perspectives in projects, programmes and products/services
  • Know ways to build user-centered solutions that “Wows”
  • Learn rapid methods to make ideas tangible and test them with users and stakeholders to integrate their feedback

Workshop Fee

Workshop Early Bird Price – Before 5th April 2019

  • INR 24,000 + Applicable Taxes

Workshop Regular Price – After 5th April 2019

  • INR 30,000 + Applicable Taxes

If needed, we can issue invoices in response to purchase orders. We offer 10% group discount to organisations booking multiple places.

Workshop Facilitators

Vidya Priya Rao , Core Facilitator
Founder & DIrector, Innovatus Marketers Touchpoint LLP
Contact: +91 8080015500
Email: vidyapriya.rao@marketerstouchpoint.com

The Design Thinking Foundation Workshop for Business Innovation is the perfect workshop to approach 2019 with new tools and strategies to innovate your department and your organization!

To know more feel free to contact us via email or call. We are here to help you.

Innovatus Marketers Touchpoint LLP is a customer experiencemarketingservice designdesign thinking and business innovation consulting firm, based in India. We offer go-to-market and digital strategy consulting and help our clients rethink and redesign customer and employee value in the digital era. We offer design thinking workshops and consulting, tailored to enable, accelerate or transform your business. We are laser-focused on the problem at hand and your opportunity space, and optimize the process to make design thinking and service design principles accessible to your employees who’ve never done it before or stuck-up, and provide “just adequate” theory to help you get moving and achieve outcomes.

You may reach out to Vidya Priya Rao @ +918080015500 or email @ vidyapriya.rao@marketerstouchpoint.com

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