2 Days Service Design Thinking Foundation Workshop

Get a clear understanding of how you can use service design thinking for specific challenges in your organization and what results to expect in doing so.


In the experience economy to stand out from the competition, design tools can be used to design service experiences across different online and offline touchpoints, or to optimize and improve existing services around what the customer really wants, doing away with unviable and wasteful effort and focusing on providing a unique customer experience across channels.

In this two-day high energy workshop, you will focus on design thinking as an operating model to drive service design experience innovation first hand. During the hands-on session you will learn the service innovation fundamentals, various steps of this magic method, from framing the problem statement all the way to prototyping service experience scenarios.

What is Service Design Thinking?

Service Design Thinking is a human-centered approach that offers a perspective, method and tool set that enables an organization to realize business goals and create a unique differentiator by asking three fundamental questions:

  1. How does this create value and benefit our current and future customers?
  2. How will our business be impacted?
  3. What are the front and back stage capabilities required by the company to drive the initiative?

The service design approach provides an outside-in approach, not only aligning the different departments and people in the organization, but also deal with internal challenges around systems, processes, procedures and policies. It can be applied to produce truly creative and human centered results using a structured and tested process.

The approach helps you to imagine and redesign a solution quickly, until it matches the customer needs and market reality. It puts the customer performance at the forefront and offers methods to design the service in a way that puts your organization in greater control.  To do this you need to look at services that need to inspire, enable and support customers to behave in ways that delivers positive outcomes. In practice it combines analytical and creative thinking.

Session Details

Day 1:

  • Introduction to Design Thinking
  • Understand that product, brand and services are different devices to engage with customers and encourage different business behaviours
  • Introduction to Service Design Basics (stakeholder gathering, buyer personas, customer experience journey maps, service blueprints)
  • identifying new concept options by collating pain-points, mapping market and customer needs onto lifecycles and looking at examples outside of your sector
  • Reflection and Q&A

Day 2:

  • Becoming a more digital business (Learn how service design offers a different take on the challenge of digital. Rather than focus in digital in and of itself, the approach looks at digital as a powerful way to meet customer needs)
  • Advanced Tools (empathy maps, advanced sketching and ideation)
  • Prototyping & Testing (prototyping framework and overview, investigative rehearsal, walkthrough, prototype testing)
  • Reflection and Q&A

Participant profile

The service design thinking program is for executives and professionals who

  • are entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, product managers, customer experience professionals, marketers from startups, SMEs and large companies developing new products and services
  • are looking to create exceptional customer experiences, and increasing customer loyalty and market share
  • are responsible for addressing business challenges and seek innovative tools for designing new or improved services to standout from competition or product experiences by focusing on what the customer really wants at each touchpoint
  • want to challenge the status quo and create a better and sustainable picture of their current business
  • are involved in identifying and redesigning the moments of truth across strategic B2B or B2C projects, or are responsible for change initiatives from a product centric to a customer centric organization
  • want to co-create opportunities and solutions that create value for both, customers, employees and your organization.

Learning outcomes

  • The key take-away of the workshop will be the ability to apply several tools to your own business problems in order to innovate towards new value propositions.
  • You will be able to instigate real service innovation projects in your organization, leading and facilitating small project teams focused on individual service elements, or developing new value for your entire service offering.

Post the event, within one month the participants can avail a 1 hour, free skype or telephonic chat with the facilitator, giving participants the opportunity to clarify their doubts or discuss challenges encountered and possible remedies, while applying these tools in their workplace.

The Design Thinking Foundation Workshop is the perfect workshop to approach 2017 with new tools and strategies to innovate your department and your organization!

To know more feel free to call Vidya Priya Rao at +91-8080015500 or mail to vidyapriya.rao@marketerstouchpoint.com. We are here to help you.

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You may reach out to Vidya Priya Rao @ +918080015500 or email @ vidyapriya.rao@marketerstouchpoint.com

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