Sales Process Audit

Is your sales process well-defined and practical or is your company being overshadowed by the competition? Are your sales spending enough time with customers or fire-fighting internally? Do you believe sales processes may be a great help, and yet wonder where and how to start? You see new market opportunities but have inadequate sales processes for that market?

Lots of companies feel pressure at some time or another to improve the effectiveness and productivity of their sales force. Unfortunately, instead of diagnosing what is going on, they just jump in with presumed solutions instead: sales or negotiation training, CRM software, lead generation, or some other of the usual fixes. Our Sales Process Audit begins with an in-depth analysis of your company’s approach to prospecting including all aspects of your firm’s current tools, systems, and processes:

  • Organizational structure, your business, your customers, goals
  • Understand how your business has progressed to the current condition, what has worked, or what didn’t work and why
  • Sales and Marketing goals
  • Market positioning of products and services for different buyer personas
  • How do you hire salespeople? How do you train them?
  • Ability of sales to cross-sell/ up-sell
  • Business development, pre-sales, delivery and marketing team challenges, skills, KRAs and compensation model. How effective are your planning, organizing, control, and evaluation systems.
  • Hunting and farming strategy across the buying cycle in the different target markets
  • Lead management process including lead qualification, scoring, nurturing, and routing
  • Demand generation programs, channels, lead sources, and campaign tracking
  • Customer database, CRM adoption, customer experience
  • Messaging consistency in the collaterals (emails, presentations, demos, proposals, brochure, white paper, etc.)
  • Evaluate the sales conversation briefs/ toolkits and sales training content and format
  • Website and social media adoption in the buying cycle and it status
  • Management dashboards


  • We take a hard look at your numbers; pipeline management, forecasting, assess language of sales across the business, win/loss ratios – to identify business development gaps and opportunities.
  • Personal interviews with senior management, marketing, pre-sales, delivery and your business development team, client (if possible) serve to further identify strengths, as well as bottlenecks and areas for improvement.
  • We understand how individuals on your team think about process improvement, their real opportunities, or their real challenges, their willingness to adapt new methods.
  • We compare their feedback with the formal organizational structure and process to determine where actions can stray from intention.


Sales Process Improvement assignments typically take 6 – 10 weeks to complete.


A detailed report includes specific recommendations for improving your company’s sales process. The report is all encompassing, addressing process, structure, team skills, position descriptions, compensation, training needs, workflow, positioning, tools, tracking and metrics.

  • A definite plan to strengthen and enhance lead management processes such as lead capture, qualification, routing, scoring, campaign attribution, database segmentation, etc.
  • The sales department structure you need to have for carrying out your strategy
  • How often and in what manner you will formally evaluate your salespeople
  • Content strategy to align sales and marketing messaging to capitalize on your value proposition and your competitor’s weaknesses
  • Suggestions to improve your digital marketing strategy
  • Technology and process enhancements to automate CRM, lead management
  • Specific metrics and KPIs that should be monitored and developed
  • Key projects, priorities, timeframes, and resources required for implementation of the various recommendations presented
  • Support and coach the team for implementing the agreed sales process improvement

After we deliver your report, you can choose to have Innovatus Marketers Touchpoint implement your sales process improvement strategies, or you can use your resources.

Keep the Sales Process Improvement Audit Alive

Buyer personas, your offerings, sales and marketing tools, and techniques are constantly evolving. At regular intervals, you need to take a good, hard, objective look at your marketing & sales efforts. Timely respond to what you see, tweak what you’re doing, and your results can only improve.

At Marketers Touchpoint, we are here to help you achieve a greater return on your sales processes. Do call us at +91-8080015500 or Contact Us. We’re here to help.

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